Annual home maintenance checklist

It’s easy to forget that our home needs a tune-up. Here’s a quick list to keep it in tip-top shape!

2017 Maintenance Check-list
Furnace Service
Most experts suggest servicing on an annual basis. You wouldn’t wait a year to have your car serviced, would you? 

Change Air Filters
If you feel an annual service on the furnace is a bit too much, make sure you’re changing the air filter. Changing the filter once a year is the very minimum. For condo owners, every 6 months is ideal. Remember, the air you breathe in your home comes through this filter. Fresh filter = Fresh air!

Water Heater Service 
There are some great tips from This Old House on keeping your hot water tank in the best condition AND saving some bucks. It’s worth noting that WA State law requires water tanks to be double-strapped for earthquake safety. Kits are available from $25 to $35 and easy to install. Have a tankless system? These need an annual service.

Clean Sink Disposal
InSinkErator has 4 quick and easy tips on neutralizing odors and cleaning the Baffle. 

Clean Range Hood Filter
Understandably, these can get pretty gnarly. A quick Google search provides a multitude of links on ways to clean these. 

Inspect Fire Extinguisher
And make sure they’re in a handy location!

Test Smoke and Co2 Detectors
If you don’t have a combination unit hardwired in your home, not to worry. Plug-in Co2 detectors with a battery back-up are inexpensive and readily available at the hardware store. 

Vacuum Refrigerator Coils 

Clean Gutters 
Water can do major damage to our foundations. Keeping gutters clear so water is running AWAY from the house is important. 

Check Grout and Caulk Seams

Clean Dryer Vent

Clean and Inspect Chimney

Check Screens on Foundation Vents
This is the best way to keep critters out.

Check Attic Insulation for Gaps
While you’re in the attic, check your vent screens here too. Birds and rodents love to nest in these areas.