Kathy Crotts

Navigating the ins-and-outs of single-family and high-rise real estate

As a lifelong resident of the Seattle area I've watched the region transform from the first row. Industry changes, market shifts and the needs of the ever evolving demographic are all key elements in which I keep a close eye. Knowing where our region is growing and developing helps my clients make relevant decisions.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, my expertise runs deep. Since 2000 I have represented some of the regions top developers building large-scale projects from pre-sale through building completion; as well as helped individual homeowners sell their single family home. My expertise selling high-rise condominium homes and single family neighborhood homes has given me a vast array of real estate know-how.

That Knowledge and expertise are extremely important but I know how daunting this process can be. My warmth, understanding and crystal clear communication are what set me apart. Most of the people I've helped purchase or sell a home over the years have become personal friends and repeat clients.
And that's the core – helping my clients! It's what I do best. 

— Kathy

Tatum Spalding

Co-Agent and Marketing Specialist

My love of the real estate industry began in 2001 when I started working for Vancouver based Rennie Marketing Systems (RMS). While there, I worked on the sales and marketing efforts of more than 900 multi-family condominium and townhomes in the Puget Sound region. A few notable projects include One Lincoln Tower in Bellevue, the two phases of Canal Station in Ballard as well as Escala in downtown Seattle.

In 2014 I made the transition from real estate marketing manager at RMS, to full time broker. Whether it's a single family home or a multi-family condominium, my experience with sales strategy and marketing are key elements to a successful transaction. This mindset helps our clients looking to purchase and those listing their homes alike.

More importantly, my purpose is to help our clients find the right property and enjoy the process. That's why It's very exciting to be partnering with Kathy. We have worked together from the beginning of my career and have always had a synergy and complimentary work ethic. Our combined expertise and care for our clients make us a dynamic team.

— Tatum